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The Business That Will Change Your Life Starts With A Product or Service That People Want. 
The Business That Will Change Your Life Starts With A Product or Service That People Want. 

Weekend MVP is a four-module, 11-lesson, online implementation workshop where you’ll build a Minimum Viable Product that turns into a profitable asset, earning money for you day after day, year after year.

So you can build a sustainable business around your products and services, that brings in more customers, more sales, more repeat sales, and more referrals – without ever worrying about job security again.

Equipped with Silicon Valley's best practices, you'll create a product that sells itself, with your unique DNA, all before you hit snooze on Monday.

Sound Familiar?
Do you want to start your own online business so you can enjoy more freedom and flexibility, but feel you don't have time to get started? 

Do you want to get off the merry-go-round, juggling 6 side hustles to make ends meet, updating your skills constantly while always hunting for more?

Do you feel like you don't have a good business idea and want a proven framework to come up with a profitable solution?

Do you want the blueprint to turn your idea into a finished product that you only need to create once and then sell over and over again, forever?

Do you want to learn how to automate sales 24/7, and engage a loyal customer base of raving fans, eager to support your next product?

What if, instead of complaining about your job, you went out and created one
Why Weekend MVP?

“Someday” isn’t a day.

Make no mistake. Each day is important because you’re trading the time of your life for it. Being unhappy and drained by your job every day is a critical emergency.

Weekend MVP helps any entrepreneur create a Minimum Viable Product, that people want to buy, over the course of a weekend, and then build a sustainable profitable business.

Because you’ve got isht to do, and need results in 6 weeks not 6 years.

You don’t need college, experience or investors to create a business that supports you financially, creatively and soulfully—and gives you the pleasure to be true to yourself, whether that’s gallivanting around the world, hanging out with the kids, or simply filling your days with joy—not job.

Why Weekend MVP Is Different
A Battle-Hardened Blueprint for Starting Anything
We are the Entrepreneurs. Taking steep risks for freedom and life-changing pay. Follow in your sherpa’s footprints for gritty, actionable insights, detailed plans and execution.
You're In The Right Place If:
  • You’re ready to pinpoint your authentic and unique contribution.

  •  You want to create a business asset that adds real value and sells itself

  •  You’re ready to call the shots and take responsibility for your own happiness. 

  •  You want to live and work on your own terms —not the schedule of corporate America—to create a rich, meaningful life while making unlimited profit in a way that improves your customers’ lives.

It’s not true that it takes money to make money. I had no business experience. Nobody in my family was self-employed. The course material gives you a great advantage over anyone who tries to start something alone.

A.K. — Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I took out a loan and went to business school but still couldn’t figure out how to build my own venture—until now. The reverse engineering strategies are invaluable.

D.T. — Los Angeles, CA, USA

Cat is a world class execution machine. She is very committed to everything she does. She likes to take challenges and masters them with outstanding success.

C.N. — Gütersloh, Germany

Her course gave me the tools, plan and confidence to start and then to thrive.

F.P. — Boston, MA, USA

Cat is your ride-or-die when it comes to stacking dead presidents.

K.A. — Oakland, CA, USA

We were able to do it without having sold anything online before. I think anyone can do it. Cat truly cares about your success.

D.W. — Shanghai, China
What You'll Learn By Doing
Entrepreneur Mindset. Your business is not a job. How to look at the Big Picture.
Why Listen To Me? Hired by the top tech and branding agencies in the world, I'm now champion of the underdog because I've been there. "To see things in the seed, that is genius.”— Lao Tzu
Defining The MVP. Most people who would like to be entrepreneurs just need a clear plan. The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
Pregame Party! Grab a cocktail and your favorite friend. Friends multiply the joy and divide the sorrow. They also know you better than you think.
Meditation. Dissolve Anxiety, Increase Focus & Enhance Creativity. After a few minutes of brainwave entrainment, you’ll feel uplifted and primed to be alive.
Morning Ritual. Failure to prepare for battle makes you a liability to yourself and every stakeholder in your success.
Learn why it's inconsiderate to be selfless
Your Big Idea. Defining your Unique Value Proposition and turning your talent into income.
Proof of Profit. If nothing else, follow through on this... two hours that could change your life.
Product Plan. The strategy when you're on to something. Reverse engineering the customer experience.
Shopping Spree. Make your list. Check it twice. Tomorrow you’ll be holed up, in a well-stocked hideaway, where other people cannot find or disturb you. 
Creators + Makers Studio. Time to make the donuts. The world is a donut shop. Let that be your motivation to stop trading time for dollars. At specified hours. For limited pay.
Product Launch. Welcome to The Game! You now have a point of entry. But will you have the courage to run with it?
Sales Machine. Introducing the Autopilot Selling Machine. Because it's about cash flow and customers, and everything else is a distraction.
Traffic. Where the rubber meets the road. The art of turning strangers into buyers.
Raving Fans. Loyalty. Core strategies behind providing so much value that your customers can’t help but tell others, with genuine enthusiasm and excitement.

Unbeatable Guarantee

I don’t make most of my money from courses—I’ve made it through creating my own products and services, by outsmarting, outmanaging, outworking and outmarketing the competition.

Weekend MVP is the culmination of a lifetime spent as a serial entrepreneur & Silicon Valley startup founder, combined with continuous education. 

I started from scratch so I know you can too.

My strategy sessions and workshops have helped scores of startup entrepreneurs and large corporations create products that people want, and sell more to their customers. I feel absolutely confident that once you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to get in the game to turn your passion into a profession.

That’s why I’ve included a no-risk, 30-day performance guarantee. If you complete the Weekend MVP Playbook, and feel it’s not providing the results you expected, simply submit your work to [email protected], within 30 days after purchase, and you’ll receive a full refund.

As with every product or service you buy from me, 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

Introductory offer, no subscription fees.
  • 11 Online Lessons with Videos
  • MVP Playbook
  • Optional Bonus Sessions
  • Digital Marketing Cheat Sheets
Weekend MVP PLUS
One flat fee, unrivaled Return on Investment.
  • Weekend MVP Workshop Package
  • Best Frenemy.  Actionable Expert Feedback from Our In-House Silicon Valley Investment Strategist
  • Founder Swap. Watch How Another Founder Presents Your Product & Fields Questions
  • Professional Focus Group. Same Screenings, Methods & Questions Used by Top 50 Interactive Branding Agencies. Watch Real Customers in Your Niche Engage with Your Product or Service 
-2 payments of-
Custom business solutions, guaranteed results. *Legal not included
  • Weekend MVP Plus
  • One-on-One Business Model, Strategy & Financial Projections
  • Website Design & Setup Based on Current Best Practices in Your Industry
  • Graphic Design & Branding
  • High-Converting Lead Magnets or Direct Mail Campaign
  • Advertising Video & Ad Campaign
  • Initial Sales Page & Sales Funnel Series
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Campaign & Press Release
What is the program format?
Weekend MVP is taught via video, screencast and a complementary workbook and pdfs.
You’ll be able to log in to The Innovation Initiative’s VIP membership area, directly after enrolling, where you’ll see a navigation containing the Weekend MVP course with all of the lessons and supplementary material.
Is this for product-based or service-based entrepreneurs?
The program was designed with both products and services in mind, including physical and digital products, and app development.
Can I log-in anytime?
You bet! Our mission is to get you up and profitable as soon as possible. Unlike other courses that provide drip content over time, you’ll have full access to the program upon purchase and nothing holding you back.
Will I receive direct feedback from Cat Volz?
The basic Weekend MVP workshop does not guarantee personalized feedback; however, the program contains ongoing “Student Counseling and Advisement” designed to help with specific challenges and questions in an interactive way. You’ll be able to submit questions that will be selected to be publicly answered, in written or video format.
What's included in the business launch?
Our favorite products and services will be featured at The Innovation Initiative's online marketplace, 
helping new businesses gain traction and visibility.

Starting From Scratch

My best free offer ever :

Get a taste of Weekend MVP— a sample from Proof of Profit. 
Make damn sure your customers pick up what you're putting down. 
(You won't find these hacks anywhere.)


Reverse engineer your go-to-market strategy. The ultimate advantage when starting anything.
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